Issue #148

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Xbox says Call of Duty will be on PlayStation after current deal expires

Splitgate maker ceases updates and announces new game project

Diablo Immortal players are finding themselves with big in-game orb debt

The Callisto Protocol Director Glen Schofield Apologizes for Possible Crunch Comments

Rockstar rolls credits on GTA 5 as it looks towards GTA 6

Acclaimed League of Legends animated show Arcane wins an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program

Y’all know about these huge lists of free, open-source game clones, right?

Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition threatens to make it playable for just about anyone

Xbox Game Pass adds Disney Dreamlight Valley, You Suck at Parking, Metal: Hellsinger, and more in early September

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Expansion Brings Back Keanu, Launches In 2023

Why Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings MMO Was Canceled

Humble Bundle’s September Choice games have been announced

PlayStation CEO says Xbox’s promise to keep Call of Duty multi-platform is ‘inadequate’

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F1 Manager 2022


Splatoon 3

Beyond the Wire Review


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Examining the game industry’s hidden impacts on climate change

A fond farewell to Red Dead Online

Cult of the Lamb has a perfect gameplay loop

What Went Wrong With Rambo: The Video Game?

Kojima Struggled to Get Live-Action Clips in Metal Gear Solid

Battlefield 2042 Almost Feels Like A Finished Video Game

If you thought the chip shortage was bad let me tell you about the capacitor plague

Rocksmith+ is so much more than a sequel – it’s a life-changing educational tool

10 years of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fallout: Why Did The Bombs Drop to Start the Great War?

Men Of War 2’s tactics are impressively complex, but still accessible to a war newbie

A Plague Tale: Requiem has dialled up the rat horror, but shows restraint in its approach to violence

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What’s your personal example of “gamers will optimize the fun out of a game”?

Just beat TLOU for the first time, easily a 10/10 and one of my top games of all time…

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NBA 2K23 Everything To Know

Homeworld 3 | PAX West Gearbox Showcase | Kesura Oasis Gameplay Trailer – Extended Cut

New Tales from the Borderlands - Official Gameplay Reveal

Splatoon 3 - Everything To Know

The new PS5 is BETTER

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Great gameplay, boring story

learned recently that you can face plant in Spiderman