Issue #145

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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Console Version Announced

Steam finally adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers

Activision Blizzard earned more on mobile games last quarter than PC and consoles combined

Twitch Reconsiders Gambling As Cautionary Tales Continue Adding Up

A New Fatal Fury Game Is In Development

Call of Duty Warzone 2 reveal next month in “era-defining” livestream event

Super Punch-Out!!’s Secret Two-Player Mode Discovered After 28 Years

The first big Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update has four monsters and a huge endgame change

Fall Guys X Sonic Crossover Announced, Starts August 11

Breaking Bad Creator Once Pitched the Idea of a GTA-Like Game Adaptation

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog Lineup for August 2022 Announced

EA and the NFL Renew Their Madden Esports Deal For Multiple Years

Microsoft accuses Sony of paying devs to stay off Game Pass

Trans Twitch streamer arrested by police and “terrorised” after swatting incident

Dragon Ball characters come to Fortnite later this month

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Turbo Golf Racing - Early Access

Digimon Survive

Cult Of The Lamb

Lost In Play

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Sonic Frontiers: Everything we know about open world Sonic

Stray Showed Me Games Don’t Need To Consume Your Life To Be Great

Can we really only be wowed by something once?

Are video games really more expensive?

Forgery accusations against longtime retro game seller leave collectors shaken

Into the Breach Mobile Interview: Subset Games on Working With Netflix, a Potential FTL Nintendo Switch Port, the Industry, and More

State of the Game: Genshin Impact - an anime open world not done with expanding

Writing for Games, Part One: A brief history

Splatoon 3

The 10 Best Fighting Games

Your SSD is fast, but it’s got a dirty side

Why video game horses are so hard to animate

Lego is a video game force to be reckoned with – but I miss its early, experimental gaming age

Gotham Knights: Building a Brand New Gotham City (With 400 Years of History)

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Paying to play online is the worst thing that the console community accepted.

Does anyone play games on easier modes because life is too busy or stressful ?

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Zenless Beta: First 40 minutes Gameplay [No Commentary] - TGC

FIFA 23 | Official Pro Clubs Deep Dive Trailer

You Suck At Parking | New Gameplay Today

Zach’s Minecart Fort Tour - Dwarf Fortress Gameplay

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When u want to feel the recoil

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What should you charge for your indie game?