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Square Enix puts their spin on the farm and fantasy life sim with Harvestella

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raises $3 million for charity

Co-op mod Skyrim Together Reborn gets a release date Bundle Is Raising Money For Abortion Funds

Yet another FaZe Clan member kicked out for abusive language

Dedicated ‘Diablo’ Site Will Stop Supporting ‘Diablo Immortal’ Because It’s Against Its ‘Values’

Diablo Immortal Generated Nearly $50 Million in First Month

A boatload of old ZX Spectrum games are releasing on Steam

Deus Ex and Guardian Of The Galaxy’s lead writer has joined BioWare

Square Enix finally brings the Valkyrie series to PC this November

God of War Ragnarok launches in November, watch the new trailer

A new Witcher game releases Thursday

Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence free-to-play mobile shooter

BlizzCon to return in 2023

Elden Ring devs sent their most infamous player a commemorative sword

Skull And Bones Release Date, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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The Cycle: Frontier

Witch Strandings


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The Green Game Jam: Can video games save the planet?

F1 22 setups: How to build your own and become a pro

Gamers Are Terrible People And We Should Stop Being Okay With It

Is game preservation a losing battle?

Noclipping is no joke: the strange world of The Backrooms explained

‘Diablo Immortal’ Shows Self-Regulation Is a Failure in the Games Industry

Why Everyone’s Suddenly Obsessed With A Two-Year-Old Game About Action Figures

Lumi Interactive CEO on making the world (and games) a kinder place

Elden Ring has taught me to be a little less frugal

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever - The Final Preview

In celebration of Olympus, the pinnacle of battle royale maps

What would the ideal summer camp video game be like?

How do you solve a problem like E3? | Opinion

Don’t fear the metaverse, I’ve seen the proof that it can work

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Will the EU’s new law change the digital landscape? | Opinion

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Ubisoft about to take away games you bought. Welcome to modern gaming.

The next leap forward in gaming tech isn’t graphical quality, it’s AI

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One Piece Odyssey - Anime Expo 2022 Gameplay

God of War Ragnarök - “Father and Son” Cinematic Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

VALKYRIE ELYSIUM | Release date trailer | PS5, PS4, PC Steam

RoboCop: Rogue City - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

The Blood Plague That Ravaged World of Warcraft | Tales From The Hard Drive | PC Gamer

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How to get your indie game noticed

The performance marketing approach to working with influencers