Issue #133

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Strong year for Square Enix as Final Fantasy 14 offsets non-MMO game decline

Genshin Impact Developer Reveals New Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy RPG

Top 10 gaming companies made $126bn revenue last year

PlayStation president faces backlash after refusing to take a stance on abortion rights

Elden Ring Is Now The US’s Best-Selling Game Of The Last Year, Topping Even CoD: Vanguard

Twitch, Discord, And Other Social Media Companies To Be Investigated For Role In Buffalo Shooting

All-new PlayStation Plus game lineup

Ubisoft+ headed for PlayStation

Fall Guys is going free-to-play

GoldenEye 007 25 Year Anniversary Event Rundown

Xbox Game Pass adds Jurassic World Evolution 2, Her Story, Sniper Elite 5, and more in late May

Arma 4 Officially In Development

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund Acquires 5% Stake In Nintendo

GreedFall 2: The Dying World Announced for PC and Consoles, Releasing in 2024

Gearbox currently has “nine AAA games under development,” says parent company Embracer

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Salt and Sacrifice

Intel Core i9-12900KS

Evil Dead: The Game

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

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Can a Switch successor be third time lucky for Nintendo? | Opinion

Until Starfield and Redfall’s delay I guess I didn’t fully understand Game Pass

CCP won’t let two failed shooters get in the way of making the perfect Eve Online FPS

The PC Gamer team’s personal gaming setups

A female video game pioneer was lost to history — until now

After 40 years, the creator of one of gaming’s first female protagonists has been found

Ultimate list of popular, gaming-related terms

How Diablo 3 Went From Disastrous Launch To A Hell Of A Good Time

Covid-19 taught the games industry to be better

Why doesn’t GTA Online have more brand collaborations?

Saints Row - Preview

Streaming is the key to discovery

Evil Dead: The Game is a bloody good time, especially with friends

MultiVersus Developers Are Using Community Feedback To Make The Game They Want

TikTok plans big push into gaming, conducting tests in Vietnam -sources

The Game Industry’s Relationship With Alcohol

EA Looking To Sell Or Merge

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Did The Last of Us need a sequel?

What are the games that hit you hard once you finished them?

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Gameplay - Stargate: Timekeepers

Gameplay - Starship Troopers: Terran Command

Fallout London - Official Gameplay Trailer

Sniper Elite 5 First 19 Minutes Of Gameplay

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He is trying his best

That one teammate

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How to develop a game design document