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Former PlayStation US Boss Wishes Sony Supported the PlayStation Vita More

Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially on the way

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a box office smash: Biggest opening for any video game movie

China ends nine-month freeze on game approvals

Sony Invests Another $1 Billion Into Epic Games To “Deepen Relationship” In The Metaverse

Cyberpunk 2077 Expansions Are Still Being Worked On

PS Plus Free Game Deal Was Devastating for Oddworld: Soulstorm

Nintendo Acquires Land For New Development Building In Japan

FF14 gets massive new update with new solo-player focus

No Man’s Sky’s new update lets players go full space pirate

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Adds 400+ Fixes And Improvements Next Week

Niantic’s Next AR Mobile Game Peridot Lets You Raise Virtual Pets Tamagotchi Style

Sony and Nintendo Will Change Subscription Renewal Systems Following Investigation

Diablo 2 gets first major update in 11 years, fixes some 20-year-old bugs

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13 Sentinels

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Is Secretly One Of The Best Open World Games Ever Made

How Xbox Game Pass Became the Subscription Service to Beat

Baldur’s Gate 3 Was So Huge, Larian Chose to Triple in Size Rather Than Shrink the Game

Between ‘Axie Infinity’ And ‘Ghost Recon,’ Why Should Anyone Trust Gaming NFTs?

Why review scores are dead | Opinion

Nintendo Switch Sports feels like a real Wii Sports 2

Ultima’s creator is making a new MMO, and it’s built on NFTs

10 years later, Fez still doesn’t need a sequel - it never did

How CD Projekt Red climbed to the top of the RPG mountain, then slipped

What Final Fantasy 14 Taught Hironobu Sakaguchi About the Series He Helped Create

Game Pass can’t stay this good a deal forever

Subscriptions are the future - but nobody agrees on the details | Opinion

How DICE redefined multiplayer, and gave up on singleplayer

We Spoke to ‘Let Me Solo Her,’ the Elden Ring Community Hero We Need and Deserve

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What would you say are some of the funniest games that you’ve played?

What’s your go to game right now?

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Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce Trailer - Lone Wolves

10+ Minutes of NEW Nintendo Switch Sports Gameplay! (Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, & More!)

Hello Neighbor 2 Beta | New Gameplay Today

The Quarry | Official Prologue Gameplay | 2K

Steelrising | Exclusive New Gameplay Today

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A breakdown of China’s games market | GDC 2022