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Lost Ark is banning ‘over a million’ accounts for using bots

Halo Infinite co-op won’t launch in May as planned

Elden Ring is Steam’s sixth-biggest game ever according to concurrent player count

In Twenty Years, Microsoft Has Only Sold 2.3 Million Xboxes In Japan

F1 Manager 2022 Announced, Releases This Summer

‘God of War’ TV Series Adaptation Eyed By Prime Video

Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-In Test Is Good News For Worried Owners

Ukrainian Game Devs Are Volunteering To Fight In The War Against Russia

The Bundle for Ukraine raises over $1.6M in less than a day

EVO 2022 Lineup Announced: Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 Headline This Year’s Event

Steam had 69 million daily users in 2021

Microsoft beats Sony as Metacritic’s top publisher of 2021 – Nintendo not even in the top 10

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp Delayed Due To “World Events”

Everything announced in Sony’s PlayStation State of Play

Russia’s console game market no longer exists

Gamescom returns as physical event this year

Eight more women allege sexism at PlayStation, intensifying lawsuit

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Triangle Strategy

Aztech Forgotten

A Musical Story

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The 25 Best PS3 Games Of All Time

Fallout 76 Interview - 2022 Roadmap, The Pitt, Aliens, and Nuka World

Activision Stock Shenanigans Being Investigated By Justice Department, SEC

Rainbow Six Siege director: “it’s one of the top games in the world”

Games firms opposing Russia are cutting off a $3.4bn market

The 10 Best Open World Games

Game Informer’s Spring Buying Guide 2022

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Which video game did you lose countless hours to back in the day?

If you could completely erase your memory of one game to replay it, what game would that be?

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Improved, faster 3D Graphing in Vanilla Minecraft

Star Trek: Resurgence - Spock’s Briefing Gameplay - IGN First

Forspoken - Official Gameplay Trailer | State of Play

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proceeds to swear in 7 different languages

[OC] online multiplayer is so fun

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Can Dreams teach you how to become a game developer?