Issue #118

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Bungie Acquired By Sony For $3.6 Billion

Netflix begins production on The Witcher season 3

Sega Exits The Japanese Arcade Business After 50 Years

Blizzard’s survival game has been in development for almost 5 years

Warframe’s next expansion is Angels of the Zariman, and it’s “coming soon”

Intel “working hard” to sort out graphics card shortages with Arc GPUs

CDPR Is Releasing A Witcher Single-Player ‘Gwent’ Game This Year

Troy Baker U-turns on voice NFT project

Blizzard’s new policy bans World of Warcraft boosting organizations

Wordle Bought By The New York Times For ‘Seven-Figure’ Sum

Discord Support Is Officially Rolling Out On PlayStation Consoles This Week

Sony, with Bungie’s help, to launch ‘more than 10 live-service games’ by 2026

Xbox Game Pass adds CrossfireX and Edge of Eternity for February

Stardew Valley’s biggest mod is complete, but now it’s heading for version 2.0

CS:GO’s next major is being hosted by PGL, and fans do not like that

Switch sales top 103.5 million units, is now Nintendo’s best-selling home console

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RPGolf Legends

About An Elf

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

OlliOlli World

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Interview: Ubisoft responds to angry NFT Digits and Quartz reaction

An interview with FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki

Digital Foundry examines how cloud-based games perform on Nintendo Switch

Hunt: Showdown is the game that’s better when you’re bad at it

How is a battle system like a poem?

Your graphics card could be used to track you across the web regardless of cookie consent

Why don’t games play around with time more?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: The First Hands-On Preview – IGN First

Sony Paid Billions for Bungie and ‘Destiny,’ But What Are They Buying?

Why are mechanical keyboards good?

Microsoft, Sony acquisitions are just the start of massive video game industry consolidation

Gran Turismo 7 Preview – Drivin’ Solo

“We are not even in the final stage yet”: Analysts on consolidation

How the game industry is fighting its carbon footprint

Ghostwire: Tokyo Wants To Mix Up The Tired Open-World Formula

How Sony’s Bungie Buy Fits Into Its Larger PlayStation Plans

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What 100+ hour games have you found the time and had the patience to beat?

What are your sources for high-brow gaming journalism?

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Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Apex Legends: Defiance Gameplay Trailer

League of Legends’ new champion is Renata Glasc

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Austin Powers in Mass Effect: Part 2

Red barrels to destroy em all

Are you even trying to win?