Issue #115

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E3 cancelled for third year running thanks to Omicron – no sign of digital event

GameStop reportedly launching NFT and cryptocurrency marketplace this year

New World is getting ‘Expedition Mutators’ to shake up endgame combat

Home News RPG Fallout 4 Amazon’s Fallout series begins production this year

Mass Effect Legendary Edition now available for EA Play/Xbox Game Pass members

Dying Light 2 will take 500 hours to ‘fully complete’ says Techland

Alienware’s Concept Nyx game server box software to aggregate and stream from all stores

Take-Two Buys Zynga For $12.7 Billion, Says There Is “Clear Path” To Bring Console/PC Games To Mobile

Two Police Officers Have Been Fired For Chasing Pokemon Instead Of Robbers

Twitch streamers are seeking a fairer revenue split

Sony is making more PS4s in response to PS5 shortages

$116 Billion Was Spent On Mobile Games In 2021

Humble Bundle updates Choice membership with all-access library

Hitman Trilogy is heading to Game Pass on January 20

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Roccat Pyro

Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Apex

Serious Sam 4 Co-Op

Monster Hunter Rise

HP Omen 45L

God Of War

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Sir Ian Livingstone: The first Knight of the nerds

Our 43 most anticipated games of 2022

The many meanings of home in video games

Wordle is the word: Why Ars is hooked on a free, easy-to-share web game

The state of Apex Legends in 2022: Brilliant, but sometimes broken

How Days Gone Became An Anti-Journalist Symbol

Gamers Don’t Want NFTs

Don’t Forget Wordle For Your Game Of The Year Lists Later This Year

How Blizzard failed the women who worked for it, according to three who left

TheGamer Staff’s Most Anticipated Remakes And Remasters Coming In 2022

CES 2022: what this year’s hardware announcements mean for PC gaming

Cloud Imperium Games: Manchester and the five-year future for Star Citizen and Squadron 42

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Stop with the ’limited time’ game modes!

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

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19 Minutes of Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay

ELEX II - Combat Trailer

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It’s a Hard Life for Mobs

At least give me a discount… ffs

Seems legit