Issue #109

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PlayStation Studios has 25 PS5 Games in Development

Warframe’s biggest cinematic expansion ever is coming in December

GTA: The Trilogy has a Metacritic aggregate score of 0.5

Nvidia CEO expects global chip shortage to last into next year

Xbox Game Pass Was Originally A Game Rental Service

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Adds 70+ More Games Today As Microsoft Ends The Program

Halo Infinite multiplayer live today

Xbox Documentary, Power On, Announced For Six Part Mini-Series

Elder Scrolls 6 will release for Xbox and PC only

Call of Duty Cheaters Could Be Banned From All Entries ‘Past, Present, and Future’

Dragon Ball asymmetrical multiplayer game announced

Report: Cloud gaming to surpass $13.5bn by 2026

Riot Games surprise-releases Ruined King RPG and announces more games

Report Alleges Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Hid Knowledge Of Misconduct

The Game Awards 2021 Nominations Revealed, Deathloop Leads With 9 Nominations

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Football Manager 2022

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Battlefield 2042

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The DeanBeat: Why NFT game startups will win while big publishers wait for regulation

The Forgotten City Has 2021’s Best Side Quest

Todd Howard’s Reddit AMA: What You Need to Know

The ‘GTA Trilogy’ Isn’t The New ‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ The Definitive Edition Is Worse

A Guide To Understanding The Fallout Timeline

How Xbox changed the games industry

How Xbox is still changing the games industry

Streamer Survival Guide

Sorry, Halo Infinite, but your battle pass sucks

‘Outriders’ Just Schooled ‘Destiny 2’ On A Proper Transmog System

Arcane Understands What Makes A Bad Video Game Adaptation

Virtual worlds are already better than the metaverse will ever be

How New World transformed from a toxic survival horror game into a juggernaut MMO

The worst week for Blizzard has been the best week for Riot

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Sooo I guess that means we can cross Rockstar off the ever-shrinking list of respectable AAA developers?

Is Arthur Morgan a Top 5 protagonist?

1080p is still a perfectly fine gaming resolution

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition Tech Review: Is It Really That Bad?

Dying Light 2 Preview

12 Minutes of Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta Gameplay

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He doesn’t seems impressed with it.

Every NFS game

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Essential design features to help PC and console games succeed on mobile