Issue #103

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Phil Spencer: Xbox Working with Japanese Publishers to Grow Japanese Lineup - News

eFootball is currently the worst game on Steam, according to user reviews

Capcom wants PC to be its biggest format by 2023

Twitch adds Boost feature that lets viewers pay to promote streams

Battlefield 2042 will use Fortnite anti-cheat as part of “no tolerance” policy

Paradox cancels “several” unannounced projects to focus on its “proven game niches”

The director of the best Final Fantasys is putting out his first new game in 15 years

Final Fantasy 16’s main scenario is complete, ‘only has a few quality improvements left’

The Epic Games Store finally gets achievements next week

Apple Reportedly Made More Money from Games Than Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo Combined in 2019

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final character

October’s Game Pass Lineup Is Scary Good

Twitch hacked, source code and creator payout information leaked online

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Astria Ascending

Alan Wake Remastered

Windows 11

Hell Let Loose

Far Cry 6

Nintendo Switch OLED

Metroid Dread

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Game Pass Subscribers Shouldn’t Skip Scarlet Nexus

The best gaming projectors of 2021

The Gamers Who Regularly Stream to No One

8 RPGs With The Best Replay Value

After years of failure, Amazon has a hit videogame

I Learned The Hard Way That GTA Online Toxicity Is Real

Konami’s Disastrous eFootball 2022 Launch Is a Tragedy

UnMetal is a surprisingly fun (and funny) parody of classic Metal Gear

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals promises that same delicious spookiness

The Best Games of 2021 (So Far)

For 2042, forget everything you know about Battlefield—again

Video game culture owes a lot to hidden object games

As a disabled person, playing video games has enhanced my quality of life

Twitch’s security problems started long before this week’s hack

Why Can’t I Stop Playing ‘New World’?

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What item did you grind or farm for the longest?

What video-game cutscene will you never forget?

What Spooktober games are you playing?

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Gungrave G.O.R.E - Gameplay Reveal + Extended Cinematic Trailer

Xbox Accessibility Showcase - October 2021

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline: Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft

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Never trust autosave

Mario lore has always confused me a bit


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A beginner’s guide to mobile distribution