Issue #102

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First footage of Battlefield Mobile leaks online

Crystal Dynamics Is Working With The Initiative On The Perfect Dark Reboot

More games will be playable on Steam Deck at launch, thanks to Epic Games

Xbox’s new Edge browser supports keyboards, Stadia and Discord

China declares cryptocurrencies illegal

Netflix made another video game, a bloody tie-in with Kate

Foxhole’s Entrenched update makes the massive multiplayer shooter even bigger

Wizards of the Coast is making a big-budget G.I. Joe game

Sorry folks, the tech supply crisis just got a lot more complicated

China bans livestreaming by children under 16

Xbox Games With Gold For October 2021 Announced

PlayStation Plus October games confirmed

Battlefield 2042 Announces Open Beta Weekend

Netflix acquires its first game studio in deal with Oxenfree creator Night School Studio

Twitch announces new features to curb hate raids

Sony Buys Bluepoint Games, Dev Behind Demon’s Souls Remake

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut

World War Z: Aftermath

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Medieval Dynasty


Aragami 2

Diablo 2: Resurrected

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

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‘Ico’ Is 20: How One Mistake Ruined Its U.S. Launch

Wildermyth nails the quiet moments of DnD

What the Hell Happened to Metal Gear Solid?

20 Years Ago Today, Silent Hill 2 Gave Us The Best Video Game Ending Ever

This Hot Esports Video Gaming Company Is Poised To Become A Major Player

Nintendo Has An Exciting 2022 Planned

‘Fortnite’ Has Destroyed The ‘Guide Industry’ With Challenge Changes

Astria Ascending’s Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

Metroid Dread: The Final Preview

How the Video Game Crash Lead to a Golden Age of Trivia Games

Tycoon games – the best economic simulation games on PC

The joy of playing single-player games in a Discord group

The Last Graduate fills the Harry Potter void, and so much more

How Atari’s new CEO is looking to Recharge the brand

2001 Was The Best Year Ever For Video Games

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What game did you play before a tragedy and how did the game change for you?

After six rounds of voting across several platforms, IGN readers have crowned God of War (2018) as the best video game of all time, which beat out GTA 5 in the final round.

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Splatoon 3 – “Return of the Mammalians” – Nintendo Switch

Company of Heroes 3 - Developer Diary

New Desert Fortress in Action! - Dwarf Fortress Gameplay

The History Of Battlefield

We Unbox the Switch OLED! Breakdown and Comparison to Original Switch!

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Konami’s new eFootball game is something…

How dare they do that!