Issue #101

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Dota 2 gets a bunch of spectator HUD updates for the International

Call Of Duty Warzone Bans Also Apply To Vanguard

Sonic creator Yuji Naka is teaching himself how to program his own smartphone game

Everything announced at the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase

Harassment In Online Games Continues To Worsen From Last Year, According To New ADL Survey

Splitgate devs want to be “the next Riot Games”

The chip shortage could turn into a chip oversupply by 2023 states analyst firm

German GPU sales point to more price hikes and a drop in availability this year

Pokémon trading cards are coming to smartphones

Mastercard Signs Magnus Carlsen, Reveals Huge Esports Deal For Chess Fans

Discord is testing official YouTube integration

Intel Core i9-12900K beats AMD’s top gaming CPUs in Cinebench R23

Xbox Game Pass Adds Four More Games Today

Nintendo Direct September 2021: The biggest announcements

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Cruis’n Blast

Mavix M9 - Gaming Chair


Kena: Bridge of Spirits



Diablo II: Resurrected

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The Epic vs Apple judgement leaves much undecided | Opinion

PC gaming is becoming way harder to get into, and that sucks

Forget Madden, Legend Bowl is the American Football game you should play

Gas Station Simulator Is One Of Steam’s Biggest Games Right Now, With Good Reason

Put an ‘undo’ button in every strategy game

In memory of Sir Clive Sinclair

U.S. Government Now Investigating Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick Subpoenaed

EA: Publishers have a responsibility to demystify video games for parents

Boyfriend Dungeon Composer Interview: Making Games Is Like Polyamory - Multiple People And A Lot Of Trust

Live service games have set impossible expectations for indie hits like Valheim

Guardians Of The Galaxy Preview: I Wanna Rocket Raccoon All Nite

Does It Matter If Good Games Have No New Ideas?

Amazon Games’ Christoph Hartmann: “Eventually, we’ll be judged by our successes”

God of War | Why I Love

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What games do you think aged well?

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Splitgate - Season 0 Launch Trailer

ELEX II - Story Trailer

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers - Official 18 Minutes Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

V RISING - Gameplay Trailer

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Age of Empires: Selecting everything without checking

That’s impossible!

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How to make the games industry more sustainable