Issue #094

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PS5 Abandoned Game Speculation Continues When Another Tie To Konami Was Spotted

Horizon Forbidden West reportedly delayed into Q1 2022

Pre-Orders For Quirky Playdate Handheld Have Sold Out (Sort Of)

PS5 Architect Mark Cerny Reveals His SSD of Choice to Expand PS5 Storage

Former Daggerfall developers reveal a teaser for their huge open-world RPG

Ariana Grande Will Make North Of $20 Million For Her Upcoming Fortnite Concert

Belong to open first gaming arena in the US

Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack steps down

Microsoft Announces August Game Pass Games

Linux takes 1% of Steam market share as interest in Steam Deck rises

Blizzard delays Diablo Immortal to 2022

FIFA 22 Adds Women’s Teams to Pro Clubs Mode

Battlefield 2042 begins limited playtesting next week

Ghost of Tsushima’s multiplayer Legends mode getting standalone launch

The latest Humble Choice bundle has landed and it’s indie games galore

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Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 2TB

The Ascent

From Gamers

Cris Tales

Eldest Souls

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Activision Blizzard’s nasty frat-boy culture is an industry-wide ailment | Opinion

‘Neurocracy’ Is a Murder Mystery That Plays Like a Wikipedia Binge

How The Ascent evolves the ARPG genre

Blizzard Recruiters Asked Hacker If She ‘Liked Being Penetrated’ at Job Fair

What gaming can teach the movie industry about fan engagement

How Blizzard’s reputation collapsed in just 3 years

Five Years Later is the Best Time to Give No Man’s Sky a Chance

It’s the small details that might just make Switch OLED worthwhile

Esports Gambling Is Set For A Major Shake-Up. Here’s Why.

Why Is Everything In Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass So Boring?

Pokemon Unite’s Microtransactions Are Bad, But It’s Not Pay To Win

IGDA: “Too many studios grow without investing in a positive work culture”

Activision Blizzard’s sexual harassment lawsuit and the aftermath, explained

Death Trash is twisted, and I mean that as a compliment

Blaseball interview: From backup plan to fantasy sports sensation

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What’s a game you like to play while doing or watching something else?

$130m Loss Expected for Epic Games Store Exclusives in First Wave

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FIFA 22 | Gameplay Trailer

GRIME | Launch Trailer

Grime – New Gameplay Today

Eldest Souls (New Game+) – New Gameplay Today

XDefiant: 6 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay

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re4 players will understand

Defusing the bomb in front of his crying eyes.