Issue #091


Tag Heuer Reveals Limited-Edition $2,150 Super Mario Watch

Black Woman Gets Two World Records For Her Vast Vintage Gaming Collection

The Witcher season 2 is coming to Netflix on December 17

FFXIV Endwalker Gameplay Benchmark Now Available; Shows New Content From The Expansion

PS5 timed console exclusive Deathloop won’t hit Xbox until at least September 2022

Sealed 1987 copy of The Legend of Zelda for NES sells for world record $870,000 at auction

A Sealed Copy Of Super Mario 64 Just Sold At Auction For $1.5 Million

Summer Games Done Quick Raises Over $2.9 Million

Sega sued for ‘rigged’ arcade machine

Company of Heroes 3 is coming next year, but you can play a demo right now

Minecraft’s world generation and monster spawns are changing completely

Phil Spencer Says PS5’s DualSense Could Inspire Xbox Controller Changes

Netflix Plans to Offer Video Games in Push Beyond Films, TV

Valve’s Steam Deck Is A Portable PC, Will Launch December 2021 For $399


F1 2021

Elgato Facecam


Tribes of Midgard Preview – Chilling In The Endless Winter

‘Titanfall’ Players Are Worried About a Game They Love But Can’t Control

This Horror Game Has One Of The Best Narratives In Years

I’m Sorry To All The Pokemon I Ever Abandoned

Atomhawk Interview: One Of The Many Unsung Heroes Behind Triple-A Blockbusters

How Tribes of Midgard Hopes to Trailblaze the ‘Surthrival’ Genre

Exclusive: Chernobylite’s survival systems were inspired by research trips to Chernobyl

PUBG Mobile Interview: How To Crack A $40 Million Cheating Ring And Thwart Future Hackers

President Biden’s Net Neutrality Executive Order is Huge for Gamers

Is E3 now too streamlined?

Phil Spencer on the future of Xbox: we still want to take risks with games

Genshin Impact 2.0: Everything we know

Skyward Sword HD proves we didn’t need a generation of motion controls

The next big leap in PC gaming performance isn’t just about bigger, faster graphics cards


Valve announces the Steam Deck

Have you ever honestly cried in a video game?


9 Minutes of Tribes of Midgard Preview Gameplay

FIFA 22 | Official Reveal Trailer

Claire de Lune – New Gameplay Today

Rainbow Six Extraction - Official Cross-Play Trailer

Company of Heroes 3 Preview

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Vertical Slice Gameplay


What game did this to you?



Are these really the ‘ugly truths’ for indie publishers?