Issue #090

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer Launches July 21 On Mobile

Doom Eternal Is Adding A Horde Mode To Replace The Cancelled Invasion Mode

PSP Store Closes Next Week, But Sony Will Still Sell PSP Games Through PS3 And PS Vita

Faze Clan Suspends Members Over Cryptocurrency Fraud

The Metro Exodus studio is working on a new triple-A IP

You can own this rare 1987 version of The Legend of Zelda for $110,000 (and rising)

GTA 6 still early in development, won’t release until 2025 – report

PlayStation Now games for July 2021 announced

U.S. Department of Justice is Investigating the Overwatch League

Atari wants to make ‘premium’ PC games again

Pokémon Go is five years old today

Nintendo reveals upgraded OLED Switch, due October

Xbox Game Pass July Titles Revealed

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is a live service platform connecting future games

Valve Has Found A New Venue For Dota 2 World Championship, The International

Everything shown in PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast

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Cruelty Squad

Old World

Dark Deity

Asus ROG Delta S

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

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How Super Rare Shorts aims to fuel small developers with physical-only launches

Inside EVE Online’s Record-Breaking War

Twitch Gives Trans, Black, And Disabled Streamers Tags, But Not Protection

Report: How PlayStation Is Failing Indie Developers

In Chicory, you fight the embodiment of self-destructive thoughts

Notes From The Front Line: Inside EVE Online’s Wartime Economy

Best Cozy Games To Play On Nintendo Switch

Diablo 4 interview: “Diablo is the apex of dark fantasy in ARPGs”

Cloudscape is Stardew Valley Meets Don’t Starve

Guardians of the Galaxy’s guiding design decisions

Yakuza Understands The Importance Of Journalism

F1 2021 Braking Point Preview – I’m no Lewis Hamilton but I can try to be

The merits of lore in video games

How China’s political influence is changing game development

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What genre / IP would you like to see Nintendo mash up with next?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG masterpiece

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Launch Trailer

System Shock Research Teaser Trailer - Nightdive Studios

Severed Steel | Announce Trailer | PC, PS4, Xbox One

Xbox All Access: All-4-One “It’s All There (I Swear Remix)”

RoboCop: Rogue City | Teaser Trailer

DEATHLOOP – Official Gameplay Walkthrough

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I design unnecessary product prototypes and today I created the Rage Quit Protector.

I bet this has been posted here already

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The future of interactive characters, part 1/4: Twelve basic principles of behavior

An Ode to Optimization Videogames

Amazon Lumberyard goes open source

How to become a voice actor for video games