Issue #084

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Xbox Unveils Upcoming Accessibility Features

Xbox Game Pass Gets Another Day One Launch With The Action-RPG The Riftbreaker

Netflix Reportedly Hiring Executive For Expansion Into Video Games

Prison Architect: Second Chances Announced, Focused On Helping Inmates

It’s true, Victoria 3 is the next Paradox grand strategy game

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation North Star reveal introduces Thunderbird, reworked Favela

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting official multiplayer, and it’s already in beta for ATS

Report: Valve making a Nintendo Switch-like gaming PC

Gaming PC upgrades will cost a fortune as RAM and SSD prices continue to rise

Sony Is Considering Bringing PlayStation Franchises To Mobile

PlayStation Plus June 2021: PS Plus Free PS5 And PS4 Games Revealed

Xbox Live Gold free games for June 2021 announced

Blizzard cancels BlizzCon 2021

Uncharted 4 is coming to PC according to Sony report

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames Of Fate Announced

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Knockout City (

Rise of the Slime



Mind Scanners

King Of Seas

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Elite Dangerous: Beginner Pilot’s Guide

Game Pass on Switch: could it happen? | Opinion

Kasparov’s Next Move: Grandmaster Returns To Chess With Esports Platform

Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition Is A Reminder Of How Much I’ve Grown As A Person

Why Mass Effect Andromeda Is A Better Game Than You Think

How King of Fighters has survived for 27 years

Special Report: The Inside Story of Blizzard’s Departures and a Company at a Crossroads

Tim Cook doesn’t know stuff | This Week in Business

Stardew Valley Made Me Question Why We Love The Mundane In Games But Hate It In Real Life

What Does GTA Online Roleplay’s Success Mean for Future Multiplayer Games?

EA’s new multiplayer dodgeball game is very good, actually

The Making Of Alpha Protocol, An Inventive, Brilliant RPG That Was Murdered By Mass Effect

Developers tell us why early access games are better than ever

The Best Xbox One Games | The Best PS5 Games](

Skateboarding games are back, here’s why they’re better than ever

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After 3 Years of Intense Gaming, This is the Best Games That I’ve Played So Far

I am Giles Goddard, I made Star Fox with Shigeru Miyamoto, ask me anything!

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Game Builder Garage – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

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God bless Insomniac’s meme team

The precision is insane

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How to engage fans before launch