Issue #076


‘I feel a lot of affection and affinity towards the PC,’ says Hideo Kojima

GameStop is Going to Start Selling PC Gaming Hardware, Including GPUs

Super-rare N64DD dev kit surfaces in pristine condition

This year’s Call of Duty returns to WW2

Game collecting reaches new heights as early Super Mario Bros. hits $372K bid

Over 20 ID@Xbox Games Are Launching Day One With Xbox Game Pass

Sega is Metacritic’s publisher of the year

Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Patch Notes Released, Includes Hundreds of Changes

Activision shuts down Warzone’s largest stat tracking site

Sony will shut down online stores for legacy PlayStation games this summer

World’s Biggest Video Game Cheating Ring Shut Down

Here’s April 2021’s Xbox Live Games With Gold

PlayStation Plus free games for April 2021 announced

Microsoft’s HoloLens military contract now worth up to $22bn


Genesis Noir

Evil Genius 2

Narita Boy

Can’t Drive This

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut


Xbox Game Pass for PC is the gaming subscription we’ve been waiting for

The upgraded Marvel’s Avengers offers plenty of improvements, but is still lacking in purpose

Sony has a responsibility to preserve its gaming history | Opinion

The original Assassin’s Creed was an awkward, ambitious sign of things to come

The Attempt To Cancel ‘Six Days In Fallujah’ Is Dishonest At Best

Guacamelee studio’s new RPG takes Final Fantasy’s Job system and gets weird with it

Parasite Eve Remains One of the Most Underrated Games of Its Generation

God Of War’s The Stranger Is Still The Best Boss Battle In Gaming

I Feel Bad For Today’s Broke Gamer Kids

Why Don’t We Have Any Good Stephen King Games?

Ars Technica’s non-fungible guide to NFTs

Advances in cooling could change PCs beyond all recognition

With the PS3 generation, digital store shutdowns manifest their most damaging form yet

PC gaming would look very different without Civilization


What’s A Game You Like That Doesn’t Get Enough Love?

The “it didn’t age well” argument.


Serial Cleaners Early Gameplay Trailer

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Sneak Peek Trailer

9 Minutes of Nobody Saves the World Gameplay

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Map Spotlight: Graveyard

The Ascent | Rise Up 4K Co-op Trailer | Curve Digital

Moonglow Bay | Announce Trailer


Well, shit

Everyone knows a backseat gamer


Subverting Player Expectation