Issue #075

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Payday 3 now “fully financed” after Starbreeze signs €50m publishing deal

Valve refuses to sell pick-up artist FMV game Super Seducer 3 on Steam

The Last of Us HBO Show: Season 1 Adapts the First Game, But Will ‘Deviate Greatly’ in Some Episodes

PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Online Stores to Close This Summer, Says New Report

Monster Harvest is about growing Pokemon in Stardew Valley, due out in May

Discord exploring sale that could be worth more than $10 billion

Xbox Live Is Becoming Xbox Network

AMD’s DLSS-alternative doesn’t need machine learning to work

Warcraft and StarCraft co-creator Chris Metzen is building a new world using the rules of D&D

Ghost Of Tsushima Movie From John Wick’s Chad Stahelski Is In The Works

Bafta Games Awards 2021: ‘Hades’ Wins Game Of The Year And Dominates Show

Every announcement during the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase

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Flow Weaver

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Monster Hunter Rise

Paradise Lost


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Titanfall 2’s Mobility Revolutionized Shooters - Or At Least It Should Have

Disco Elysium is getting even more political

The Ugly Hatred Faced By Women In Esports, And How We Fight Back

It’s wild how many great updates Genshin Impact has gotten already

Warframe: A Complete Guide To Railjack

A 3 Month Wait For 4 Hours With Hawkeye: The Avengers Problem

How id Software reclaimed its history by losing its leaders

The cometh: The rise and fall of the Game Boy’s weirdest rivals

Blizzard: “We want women shaping the future”

Brain-computer interfaces could revolutionise the way we live

How the ‘Loop Hero’ Devs Pitched a Hit Game That’s Impossible to Describe

I went on a ride-along with Valheim’s Body Recovery Squad

Cartel Tycoon has the seeds of a good crime sim, but it has a long way to grow

A Real Deal Retro Hack N’ Slash: Interview With The Creators Of Battle Axe

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Open worlds: Bigger does not always mean better.

Games that have serious flaws, but with “highs” that negate those flaws

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25 Years Of Resident Evil

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Six Days in Fallujah - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

New Pokémon Snap – New Gameplay Today

Biomutant - Combat Trailer

Aliens: Fireteam - The First Hands-On

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Purchasing new games

Problem solved

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What next for games education and early careers post-COVID?

The difference in game dev for love or money