Issue #072

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Sony reportedly set to open up PS5 for internal storage this summer

Valve ordered to hand over sales data for Epic vs Apple case

Nvidia is “not limiting the performance of GPUs already sold” to nerf mining

Final Fantasy 7 Remake headlines March PlayStation Plus lineup

Pokemon Presents 2021: Everything Announced Including Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Intel Xe DG2 gaming GPUs might have double the VRAM of Nvidia’s RTX 3070

Terraria dev says Stadia launch will now proceed after resolving spat with Google

GTA Online player explains how they cut load times down by 70%

G2 Esports’ Pengu Announces His Retirement From Competitive ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Need for Speed delayed so Criterion can work on Battlefield

PS5 DualSense Controller Drift: Everything You Need to Know

Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on Steam

Twitch Transparency Report Gives In-Depth Breakdown of Content Moderation Efforts

Neil Druckmann Reveals That Naughty Dog Has “Several Cool Things” In The Works

Valve cancels Artifact 2.0, makes existing versions free

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The Climb 2

Loop Hero

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Farewell to Japan Studio, the little team that felt like a big part of PlayStation’s identity

Gamers have a lot to thank Dr. Mark Dean for, and the world’s first 1GHz chip is only the start

What’s the Future of Pokémon?

How Google’s Grand Plan to Make Its Own Games Fell Apart

Forget movies - games have much more in common with theatre

Google’s Stadia Problem? A Video Game Unit That’s Not Googley Enough

EA Pledges Total Freedom For Studios With Game Development, Including Dragon Age, Titanfall, And More

The best games of 2021 (so far)

Days Gone’s Motorcycle Is One Of The Best Video Game Vehicles Ever

How The Creator Of Final Fantasy Is Evolving The Classic RPG With Fantasian

A Love Letter To My Final Fantasy 14 Free Company

How The Hobbit Inspired Two Indie Game Devs To Put Georgia On The Map

An Epileptic’s Guide To Gaming

Outriders Interview – People Can Fly Talks GaaS, Next-Gen and More

Yakuza’s Creator On His Life, Career, And Why Sega Should’ve Fired Him In The ’90s

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What’s Your Favorite Video Game Boss Encounter?

Are there any games from your childhood that you could never beat, but revisited as an adult? How’d it go? Was it still impossible, or did you finally beat it?

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CyberTown - Official Trailer

Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Character Gameplay Trailer | The Ranger

Why Some Video Games Fail and Others Succeed


First 22 Minutes Of It Takes Two

Aliens: Fireteam - Exclusive 25 Minutes of Gameplay | IGN First

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Keep it for later, just in case

I hope I will be alive when it happens…

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How to be a better character designer