Issue #056


FIFA leads renewed mobile strategy at EA

Worms Rumble open beta is battling royale this weekend

Godfall is a six-month timed PS5 console exclusive, Sony confirms

Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows how ordinary people can overcome the extraordinary

Sega Sammy Is Asking 650 Of Its Employees To Voluntarily Retire After Extraordinary Losses

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Finally Revealed With Legendary Edition

Griffin Gaming Partners raises $235 million to invest in games

Halo 4 comes to PC next week

PS5’s Original Design Was Even Bigger

Take-Two confirms it is buying F1 and Dirt publisher, Codemasters

Roblox built the Old Town Road for a Lil Nas X concert

Sony gives player free PS5 for being first in line for PS4 and PS4 Pro

Judge dismisses Apple’s claim of theft in Epic case

EA faces yet another class-action lawsuit connected to loot boxes

Xbox Series X|S is biggest console launch in Microsoft’s history


Playstation 5

Astro’s Playroom

The Pathless

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The Falconeer

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla



Sackboy: A Big Adventure


The last great console leap? | Opinion

PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility tested - and it’s fantastic

Homeland Security Funded This Game About Destabilizing a Small U.S. Town

The Xbox Series X and PS5 features coming to a gaming PC near you

How Football Manager is tackling the strangest of seasons

Why Esports Fans Should Buy The Xbox Series X Not The PS5

Don’t Let The US Election Or A Global Pandemic Ruin Your Video Games

Mathematicians do the most videogame thing ever by inventing a real world happiness meter

The rich history of violent vendors in roguelike games

How Gunpei Yokoi Reinvented Nintendo

How Sega’s Localization Team Has Faithfully Kept Yakuza Quirky and Weird

Why Apple’s M1 chip will make your PC games run faster

Meet the civil engineer building his own country inside Minecraft

PS5’s DualSense is mindblowing, but I’m already concerned about the battery life


Persona 5 Royal [PS4] - Possibly The Greatest RPG of All Time

The Player Count for Marvel’s Avengers Has Dropped 96% Since Launching 2 Months Ago on Steam


12 Minutes of New Demon’s Souls Gameplay Presentation - PlayStation State of Play

PS5 Launch – New Worlds To Explore – Play Has No Limits


Gone, reduced to atoms.

But it can buy video games which is happiness in its purest form


What it takes to pitch a game

How to get a job as a community manager in games

The argument for simpler games, in an industry obsessed with complexity

Mike Bithell: What I wish I knew when I started in games

Developing a Tabletop Game