Issue #054

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Documentary Arcade Dreams Will Explore Over 100 Years Of Gaming History

Cloud9 launches first all-women esports team for Valorant

Facebook enters cloud streaming with free-to-play mobile games, playable ads

Twitch Continues To Get Criticized By Music Industry

Multiple Assassin’s Creed Series Coming To Netflix, Including Live-Action Show

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again, New December 10 Release Date Confirmed

Chris Metzen Is Back With Warchief Gaming

Phil Spencer confirms all first-party Xbox Series X games are ‘coming to PC’

First 12 hours of PS5 preorders match first 12 weeks of PS4’s

PS4 is more profitable than any console in video game history

AMD RX 6000 Graphics Card Range Revealed With Release Dates, Prices

Xbox Game Pass is “completely sustainable” at its current price, says Phil Spencer

Xbox Live Gold free games for November 2020 announced

Free PS Plus games for November 2020: Bugsnax, Shadow of War, and Hollow Knight

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Second Extinction (Early Access)


Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070


Ring Of Pain

Watch Dogs Legion

Little Hope

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AOC’s Twitch stream is a milestone for games – and for politics | Opinion

Replicating Blade Runner: why the adventure game classic is so tough to remaster

Even free from all its beta troubles, Black Ops Cold War is competing with a once-in-a-decade phenomenon

How Dungeons & Dragons helped people keep friendships alive during pandemic lockdowns

Arma 2 Footage Was Once Used In An IRA Documentary - And It’s Still Being Used Today

More Sony First Party Games Should Adopt The Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Strategy

Discord could be the next esports ecosystem

Ghost of Tsushima Lead Artist Shares Inspiration Behind The Game’s Design

Lifting the barriers for Black professionals in the games industry

The PS2 is 20 years old this week and by God it might be the best system ever

This streamer turns ’80s found footage into wildly entertaining weekly mixtapes

Alien: Isolation is still a terrifying audiovisual masterpiece

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Dutch judge rules that EA should be fined €500k every week until it removes FIFA loot boxes (EA plans to appeal the decision)

What are your top 3 switch games?

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The History Of Pikmin

Xbox Series X|S – Official Next-Gen Walkthrough – Full Demo [4K]

PlayStation 5 Unboxing & Accessories!

NBA 2K21: Next-Gen Gameplay + Developer Commentary

PS5 Launch – Play Has No Limits

Xbox Series X Unboxing - The REAL Thing

Demon’s Souls – Gameplay Trailer #2 | PS5

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Happens occasionally in any FPS

Me playing any rpg game

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Creating a Development Culture that Embraces Change

Depiction of War in Games: Can You Do Better?