Issue #053

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Sony confirms new PlayStation Store to launch beginning next week

Valve explain why Steam’s front page shows the games it shows

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Has Gone Gold

Xbox Doesn’t Have to Ship Bethesda Games on Platforms They Don’t Support in Order to Recoup Acquisition, Says Spencer

Learn About The Oregon Trail’s Origins In New Documentary

Switch Has Now Been The Best-Selling Console In The US For 22 Consecutive Months - That’s A New Record

Sony Apologizes For PS5 Voice Recording Confusion, Says It’s Used For Reporting Harassment

2K under fire for adding unskippable in-game ads to the full-price NBA 2K21 a month after release

Venn raises $26 million series A for its streaming TV network for games and culture

Cyberpunk 2077 will treat each language equally, offering full lip-sync for every dub

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Haunting of Verdansk Update is Live

AOC’s Among Us Livestream Was One Of The Biggest Twitch Streams Ever

Uplay is dead, as of Watch Dogs Legion – replaced by Ubisoft Connect

Roblox player spending passes $2 billion on mobile

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NHL 21

Astro A20 Wireless Gen 2


Amnesia: Rebirth


Disc Room

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All the Beautiful Art in This Video Game Was Hand-Drawn By One Person

ESA Foundation leader explains why diversity in games matters more than ever

I’m Going To Play The Shit Out Of Ghost Of Tsushima’s New Co-Op Mode

‘Ghost Of Tsushima Legends’ Is So Good It’s Hard To Believe It’s Free

Why PS5 Owners Shouldn’t Worry About ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Microsoft Exclusivity

Hades Changes What It Means To Be A Roguelike

Why I race

It’s Been 35 Years Since Nintendo Changed Western Gaming Forever

The unique paths these four games took to visualize the future

The PS3 and Vita Are Being Buried Alive

AOC’s Massive Twitch Stream Has Even Greater Implications for US Politics

‘It’s Just Gacha’ Is Not An Excuse For Genshin Impact’s Poor Endgame Design

The constant tug of war between AAA developers and “the money people”

The Importance Of Exclusives Is Fading

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Games that are littered with items but give you a limited inventory drive me batty.

EA facing Canadian class action lawsuit over loot boxes

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GRIME - Gameplay Overview

One Second From Every Game That Defined PS4

Video game architecture is full of secrets

Cyberpunk 2077 — What You’re Looking For

Scorn Gameplay Trailer

Immortals Fenyx Rising: First 20 Minutes of Gameplay

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The pain is real

I have a plan Arthur !

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What is the best game engine: is Amazon Lumberyard right for you?

Tools to identify bottlenecks and performance issues