Issue #042


GeForce Now is finally usable now you can sync your Steam library with it

BioWare’s plan to make Anthem’s loot ‘satisfying’

The Last of Us adaption for HBO will “fill things out and expand,” the story not “undo” it

Microsoft is having a good time on Steam right now

Warframe’s creepy Heart of Deimos open world expansion launches on August 25

Sony Confirms You Can’t Play PS5 Games with a PS4 Controller

Google Stadia Free Games for August 2020 Announced

Call of Duty: Warzone is opening the stadium with a bang in Season 5

Diablo Immortal, The Upcoming Mobile Spin-Off, Shows Off Classes And Combat

PlayStation just had its biggest quarter ever

Microsoft’s streaming technology, xCloud, launching in September

Thailand May Ban Video Game Streaming

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Sold Even More Than You Think It Did

‘Fortnite’ Maker Epic Is Now Valued At Over $17 Billion After Latest Investment

Everything revealed in Sony’s State of Play showcase


Skater XL

Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)


If 30% is too high, what’s the right number? | Opinion

I really want E3 back | Opinion

Torchlight 3 is tackling the great ARPG end-game challenge

How G2 Esports Built The Ultimate European ‘Valorant’ Roster

A History of PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games from 2013 to 2020

Games need to return to black-and-white morality

Laura Bailey Starfinder Alexa interview – ‘I am a nerd and I love it’

Riot Games Is Taking A Week Off To Recharge, Which Is A Great Idea

How has the pandemic affected international expansion in video games?

I Played The Avengers Beta And I’m Not Excited

What Developers Choose to Simulate in a Simulation Game

Blizzard Workers Organize on Company Slack Seeking Pay Increases

What Fall Guys can teach us about the nature of humanity


Did you play games that were so good you wanted more, but nothing else in the genre got you?

I don’t condone pirating games, but it’s sad that those who pirate get to enjoy their games without ‘exclusivity lockouts’ of content or DRM nonesense.


Windbound - First 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

Godfall - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5

Spelunky 2 - State of Play Release Date Trailer | PS4


Stuck between a rock and a hard place

I have trained for this day.


What a good (and bad) indie game publishing deal looks like