Issue #040

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Xbox Games Showcase Recap

Ubisoft Family Accused of Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Claims

After ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’ Insanity, Metacritic Has Changed User Score Submissions

The Last of Us Part 2 Had the Biggest First Month of Any 2020 Game in the US

Microsoft No Longer Selling 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Plans Ahead of Xbox Series X Launch

One third of developers have had their games delayed due to coronavirus

Valorant might be getting a replay system so you can rewatch all your cool strats

People Are Gaming A Lot More Since COVID-19, Study Confirms

The Last of Us Part 2 is not only 2020’s biggest launch to date, it’s also Sony’s second-biggest launch ever

Rocket League goes free-to-play

Logitech And Herman Miller Reveal A Ridiculously Expensive Gaming Chair

June 2020 was the Second-Best Month Ever for Games Industry Revenue

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Panzer Paladin



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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Is PS4’s 17th Best Scored Exclusive, Which Says A Lot

Is It Not Weird That Call Of Duty Warzone’s Best Guns Are Effectively Paywalled?

Xbox head Phil Spencer: it’s time to move away from the console wars

I like weird storytelling, but even I think Death Stranding is a bit much

The Black women of the fighting game community are pushing for true inclusivity

A history of LGBT+ characters in video games – Reader’s Feature

An Interview With Veteran Composer Jim Fowler – Finding the Soul of Games

Fallout 76 is at its best when you play it slowly

Xbox Series X will have Microsoft’s ‘most diverse collection of first-party games’

U.S. Military Recruitment On Twitch May Be Controversial But Isn’t Likely To Stop Anytime Soon

Exploring The Witcher 3’s Geralt and Player Immersion in RPGs

Sekiro has ruined all other singleplayer games for me

Hell Let Loose’s Carentan gave me the best Band of Brothers moment

The console war is over | Opinion

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Xbox Games Showcase Megathread

[Ghost Of Tsushima] [GIF] Samurai Style

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PlayStation 5: DualSense Controller Hands On

20 Amazing Games Of 2020 So Far

Footage reportedly of unreleased Sucker Punch stealth title Prophecy leaks online

Total War: Troy - 50 Turns Campaign And Battle Gameplay

Mafia: Definitive Edition - 4K Gameplay Reveal (Mafia 1 Remake)

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay is NOT what I expected!

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Only two bullets are usable.

That booty though

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How to design better communities

Deaf Accessibility in Video Games