Issue #038

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UK Government Committee Calls For Loot Boxes To Be Immediately Reclassified As Gambling

World of Warcraft’s low-population realms are getting merged this summer

Satisfactory devs break down exact sales numbers on Steam versus Epic

‘The Last Of Us Part 2’ Actor Laura Bailey Shares Gamers’ Disgusting Death Threats

“Change starts today,” says Ubisoft CEO about allegations made against employees

Shadow Warrior 3 announced, and it has a grappling hook

Here’s everything you need to know about Ubisoft Forward

Call of Duty players love this ‘toxic’ gameplay montage, hate the gameplay

Stardew Valley’s next update will add “a significant new piece of endgame content”

What Happened is a surreal new horror game inspired by a real tragedy

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player Creates Fake Cheats to Sabotage Hackers

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown announced for PC

A Post-Mixer Ninja Picks YouTube Gaming Over A Return To Twitch

Apple Arcade to Shift Focus Towards Engagement

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F1 2020

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Shadow Empire


Superhot: Mind Control Delete

CrossCode (Console Version)

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Ubisoft’s ‘Hyper Scape’ Has The Single Best Battle Royale Feature In Ages

The Subtle Manipulation of Mobile Games

How mobile games crushed consoles

The DeanBeat: How the rest of 2020 looks for the game industry

Why $70 PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Are A Very Bad Idea

The Splinter Cell Problem

Ubisoft’s ‘Hyper Scape’ Is Innovative, Yet Missing Something

How An Accountant Earned 132,000 Gamerscore In One Month

Mathematicians tried to prove how hard The Witness is - with surprising results

We need a movement to tackle systemic abuse, not a moment | Opinion

A temperature check of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry

Naughty Dog’s True Strength is Sharing Emotional Moments

The $70 video game is inevitable

Why $70 PS5 and Xbox Series X Games Make Sense…but the Timing Couldn’t Be Worse

How Minecraft and Mojang taught Xbox how to buy studios

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Game mechanics that need to stop

In June, The Last of Us Part 2 sold more copies than the rest of the Top Ten combined l UK Charts

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Windbound - Gameplay First Look

The Forgotten City - Quest Walkthrough

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Gaming lets you relieve

Megaman gave NO FUCKS in Legends.

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How to successfully cater to older players