Issue #032

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EA Releasing Source Code for Classic Command and Conquer Games

Manchester United is suing Football Manager over the use of its name

‘Pac-Man’ Enters Middle Age, As The Game Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary This Year

Free games: Twitch Prime teams up with SNK to give away 20+ arcade classics

Warframe: The Deadlock Protocol will soon revamp the game’s oldest content

Valve Launches The International 10 ‘Dota 2’ Battle Pass

No Man’s Sky landing on Xbox Game Pass in June

Formula E driver fired for hiring a pro gamer to race for him in online competition

Xbox Live Gold free games for June 2020 announced

Anno History Collection updates the first four games for modern PCs next month

BlizzCon Canceled, Online Event Planned for 2021

Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth Steps Back From ‘CS:GO’ Team Astralis Due To Stress

Full slate of June’s free PlayStation Plus games revealed

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Fury Unleashed

If Found

This Is Esports - Book

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition




Those Who Remain

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The wild story behind why the first Assassin’s Creed has side missions

Perfect Dark: 20 Years Later

Today I learned about a console called Terminator 2

Quarantine is creating brand-new gamers

PC gaming clichés we don’t hate

Sometimes the best thing in a game is a pause

Maneater: How a shark becomes the star of a role-playing game

Best guns in Warzone [Season 3]: weapon stats & recoil patterns

Backing up your game saves probably isn’t a priority, but it should be

Why Overwatch and CS:GO pros are switching to Valorant

Mafia 2’s Empire Bay is still one of PC gaming’s greatest cities

How RuneScape is helping Venezuelans survive

Why Windows 10 Gaming Still Reigns Supreme Over Linux

Rat skewers and hagfish: the real-world history behind Dishonored’s disgusting food

What’s the state of DRM in 2020?

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Do you have any weird gaming habits?

Remembering ‘TotalBiscuit’ and His Contribution to Gaming

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The Evolution of the Xbox Controller

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - CLOSED BETA

Wasteland 3 – New Gameplay

Fast & Furious Crossroads - Gameplay Trailer

The Last of Us Part II - State of Play | PS4

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yes, i’m a saint.

Finally understood why I suck

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Don’t believe the hype: a basic guide to engaging with your players

Is your indie game viable? How to research the market | Investment Summit Online